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June 1, 2006
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Superstition by RayArray Superstition by RayArray
This was a request, someone asked me to draw a superstition. I like how superstition and suspicion look and sound allot alike.
If you are reading this, I love you. Plain and simple.
You guys who watch me as I fumble and bumble through paintings and making artstuffs... You are the best.
I don't know what I would do without you guys.
Probably get out of the house more, enjoy the sunlight, maybe exercise. ;)

Ahhhh. Let me explain this silly little painting. As some of you guys know, I work in art restoration. It isnít glamorous, but I love it. I go to work, look at beautiful old paintings (most with big holes in them) and come home dissatisfied that I don't paint enough of the good stuff. The good stuff being big marine paintings, reclining buxom nudes with draperies, landscapes with horses, and anything else that doesn't look like a box of melted crayons... reminds me of what I don't paint... Yesterday, I couldn't shake the thought that I hadn't painted a figure in gawd-knows how long, so here one is.

I'm working through requests right now, have been since the beginning of may. Two graduation presents, and one random request down... (I created a request form on my website and I wasn't going to announce this on DA.. but... it is there if you want to do some treasure hunting..).

If you requested something (which may be one of two people who could be reading this), and wonder why I keep posting other stuff.... I love you very dearly. Iím just a tad slow.

4 x 6 inchs
Acrylic with some photoshop (Ďcause I have little to no self control after I scan something)
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What's wrong with melted crayons? :O_o:
Your paintings are beautyful. They're just not old. And i suppose they got no holes. Keep up the good work :)
DawnBluewings Nov 13, 2006   Traditional Artist
Cool.... :+fav:
wow i love this i did my a-levels project on superstitions and had great trouble creating decent pieces that made any sense but this fantastic... i love the way you paint
Very beautiful... I love the texture.
I don't think I could work that small. XD
Hahah. Double zero brushes are the bomb. XD.
Aurielle Aug 5, 2006  Professional Photographer
Bellisimo! Me encantan los colores, como puede ser tan simple pero complejo y detallado a la vez.

Los gatos negros me encantan ;)
°Gracias! Es realmente impresionante traducir su comentario. :w00t: I hope that sounds right. :)
blackcatsmiling Jun 13, 2006  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
may i fav?? :D
thanks :worship: :worship: :worship:
aww :hug: thats so nice of you to write that in! the picture is purdeh too! black cats are wonderful creatures!
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